Monday, July 6, 2009

Belated 4th of July Post

Well, lovely, divine readers, we are belated in our bestowing of a 4th of July greeting upon you. However, we do wish to say, now, to all of our readers in the United States (and abroad, whatever, we're open and all-welcoming), HAPPY JULY 4TH! We do sincerely hope you enjoyed an insane amount of food and fireworks. I, personally, had some carrots, strawberries, and a piece of bread. I'm trying not to eat any carbs, and I feel quite proud of myself that I only failed a little bit with the bread situation.

So...yeah. We wanted to commemorate the occasion with a not-so-appropriate clip from The Judy Garland Show, featuring 4th of July antics for like, half a second, but we couldn't find the clip on youtube. So we're going with this instead. Happy 4th, possums!


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