Monday, July 13, 2009

Everything I need to know about life I learned from The Judy Garland Show.

1. June Allyson screws things up when she's drunk.
2. Zina Bethune has no coordination.
3. When you're angry, it helps to SINNNNNG your rage off.
4. Don't let Martha Raye near your hands.
5. There aren't that many Irish people.
6. Vic Damone has a massive forehead vein.
7. Liza Minnelli ate her cereal.
9. Every seasonal song should be preceeded by "...buongiorno..."
10. Day In, Day Out, cannot be sung with a small mouth. It can't be done.
11. It is necessary to scream in the middle of "Fever."
12. It was a real sawmill.
13. Little Nellie Kelly was made in 1782.
14. When a moth flies in your mouth, park him for a chorus and a half while he flies around in your cheek. Not applicable when you're singing "Get Happy."
15. Rudders don't go on the front.


  1. hahaha, where is said june allyson clip(s)? or was that just the general state of june allyson?

  2. Well, this is kind of the general state of June Allyson, but during the MGM medley thing on the June Allyson/Steve Lawrence show, June screwed up Cleopatterer, started laughing drunkily and fell into Judy. Judy got pissed and shoved her out of the way. It's a hilarious moment.

  3. ahaha oh man i have to find that. sounds like a winner.

  4. It totally is. You can find it on the JG Show box set, which is expensive, but it's worth every penny. You can also get the discs separately but some of them are difficult to find outside of the set. :)

  5. 16. Judy will make your singing sound passable if she is singing in harmony with you(ahem, June Allyson).

  6. You never have to remember the words to any Wizard Of Oz song because Ray Bolger will be there to remind you.

  7. LOL!!! This is one hilarious post and definitely makes me want to see some of these episodes. This was the chuckle of my morning :)


  8. Agree about June-- but hadn't Dick Powell just died or something? I thought it said something about that in Coyne Sanders' book. Eh, maybe not.

    16. Louis B. Mayer likes to wear lady wigs. ;)