Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joyeux Anniversaire/Vive La France/Another Excuse for a Holiday Greeting

Well lovelies, the time to bestow holiday greetings has once again come upon us. Yesterday was Bastille Day, and since we at Screen Mavens are never ones to do holidays lightly (when I heard that there was a Bastille Day parade down the Champs-Elysses, I had to muster up all the resistance I could not to fly to Paris immediately), we wish you all a very happy Bastille Day, and many more to come.

That's a picture I took when I was in Paris last winter. I'm obsessed with it.

Emily and I are obsessed with celebrations (I mean really...we celebrate the anniversary of Judy's last day on earth, for pete's sake), so now that my internet is strong and virile, I am able to counteract youtube and create my own video in celebration of Bastille Day and any other holiday that might happen to come along. Hit it!


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