Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, Liza Minnelli was on Larry King Live tonight, because of this whole Michael Jackson fiasco. She did not look happy. Not only was she talked over/ignored almost the entire time, but it was roughly 3am when she was being interviewed. She was miffed by the negativity in his report, and when he was wishing her a goodnight, he cut her off. Mid-response. This was unacceptable.

What do people do when unacceptable things occur? That's right friends: Twitter goes NUTS.

Here, I will include my favorite tweets related to the subject, and some... not so related to the subject, but no less share-worthy.

Liza Minnelli and Usher are doing an interview from paris on michael jackson on larry king live. Sign of the end of the world? Possibly

Ugh I'm pissed. I hate Larry King. I love Liza Minnelli. Larry was disrespectful to Liza when she was on his show!! SHOW SOME RESPECT LARRY!

Liza Minnelli is tired of the negativity with Michael Jackson life. Glad she's standing up to the media!!!!

Larry King DID NOT just cut Liza Minnelli off!!! OH NO HE DIDN'T!!

Dear Larry King, Don't have anyone on your show (Liza Minnelli) if your not going to speak to them. Liza didn't wake up just to sit there!!

Liza Minnelli and Usher together on my screen in Paris!! That is the most EPIC thing ever!!

My mom would f*ck Liza Minnelli

I can't wait till I get old and can try to make my face look like Liza Minnelli's.

Liza Minnelli seems like the kind of person you'd want to spend a day with.

LIZA LIZA LIZA MINNELLI! My hero. Thank you, MJ. Because of your death, Cher and Liza have returned :) bless you two.

I don't want to live in a world where Liza Minnelli leaves Larry King Live and Deepak Chopra is still on.

Watching Liza Minnelli on Larry King Live. She's the kind of gal I'd like to have a drink with.

Liza Minnelli is pissed.

Wow, thats a pretty star studded lineup on larry king live. PS.Liza Minnelli looks gr8.

Liza Minnelli on CNN . I Like Liza Minnelli , Bless her :o)

I love hearing Liza Minnelli talk about how brilliant Michael's "spacewalk" dance was...

I do hope that Larry will realize that he conducted everything in a poor manner, but I'm afraid that's too much to ask.



  1. basically, liza:1 larry king: -5

  2. Larry King's show tends to cut off people a lot, especially when they're talking to multiple people at once. I don't think Larry had anything to do with cutting Liza off at mid-sentence at the end, I think that was mostly whoever was controlling that aspect of the show(I don't honestly think Larry has control over that). I haven't seen it, but I'm not surprised one bit if Larry came off rude towards Liza.

  3. Larry King Live is always really awkward with that sort of thing, and I know he definitely didn't cut her off himself - but, yes, he comes across as rude during interviews a LOT. And I tend to blame him for everything because of this, haha!