Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Screen Mavens Post #1

All right chickens, here we are, making a blog. This is cool. I guess we should start by telling you who we are. I am Lara, and my friend is Emily. First and foremost, we are obsessed with the great, the awesome, the phenomenal, the hilarious and nonsensical Judy Garland. Beyond obsessed.'s kind of ridiculous. We're going to the Judy Garland Festival next year in Grand Rapids, MN, so watch your back. I've been 3 times, but haven't been in 8 years. This is Emily's indoctrination to Festness.

In our years of correspondence, we have developed monstrous inside jokes that have evolved into repetitive nonsensical ramblings. We are eccentric. Some examples:

-We are obsessed with the letters of the alphabet, particularly the letter S.
-We have created many acronyms to communicate oft-talked about ideas, such as BBB, DLAWBB, DLBPB, and DLRPHTSIYR, all of which you will be introduced to at a later date.
-We repeat phrases over and over again, each time being endlessly, inexplicably entertained.
-We like CAPS.
-We know WAAAAAAAAY too much about Judy. So much so, that we've lost touch with reality and don't know what other people know and don't know. We're...socially special.
-We don't know why it is, but we become obsessed with the same people without knowing that the other is obsessed. Some examples include Meryl Streep, Patsy Cline, and the Beales (of Grey Gardens). Obviously, we're the same person.

So that's basically us. Who knows where this site may lead. Knowing us, we'll get perpetually distracted and go from topic to topic to topic. Stream of consciousness. Speaking of which, I leave you with a fantastically hilarious video before I go for coffee. Esca-lator.

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