Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 10 Judy Quotes

This entry will probably change many times, as we think all of Judy's quotes are magnificent.

10: "Soldier!! My heel!!

9: Judy: I don't think I like you!!
Mickey: Thank you.
Judy: You're welcome!!

8: "H."

7:""And now...the man who makes movies about people who make MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVIES!!!"

6: "Come on Mike--Dan, come on Mikedan."

5: "Hi, band."

4: "...and I haven't learned a new song since the....ORIGINAL VIKINGS...are..de...I don't know...just CAVALCADE..."

3: "Where's the CIRCUS??"


1: "Nobbybeddy. Adeebadeebadeebadoo."

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