Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Suren da a Judy Garland gold fadden een fiasco. Set nan shushay."

Hello, lovelies. Reading Lara's Carnegie Hall post forced me to want to listen to the Copenhagen concert (which makes no sense), and I decided that I simply MUST share this JudySpeak with you.

Now, the Copenhagen concert is something that not many people have their hands on, as it has never been formally released, which is a true shame. This particular performance was done on March 25, 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and she is in amazing vocal form. I shall include an excerpt from a review of this concert:

"Her microphone technique is dazzling her mode of delivery strong and glowing; her personal charm incontrovertible (indisputable). She was dressed in a simple fireweed but not gaudy pants suit without a grandiose (elaborate) hairdo; she was just herself - without anything not belonging to her type. She flung her hit songs into the microphone in a way that produced dramatic and brilliant effects, or she chatted quietly and intimately, apparently conscious (aware), a little awkwardly, uncertain, but at the same time witty, warm and winning all hearts."

So basically, this concert was amazing. Lara just instant messaged me, asking me why she ALWAYS cries at the end of the concert, and I had to ask that as well, as I had just been tearing up. Oh, us Garland fans. Onto the JudySpeak...

'xcuse me... keep applauding for a se-EHHHHEGHHHM... ugn. I didn't mean that personally against eh... the... string section. You're dahling, you sweet-you're playing... beautifully. Hi, band. Well I guess so. We really are goi-it's quite TRAUMATIC for me, now, because I AM going to sing a new song, and I haven't LEARNED a new song since......well......embebhebhbORGINAL Vikings ordurhb or or Idon'tknow, eehe just CAVALCADE, I think the-wha, do you REALLY want to do this? I do.

That was a thatehehthat was a good tempo, but I don'treallyknow-what darling? ...Where are you? Eh, what love? Ughhhrh, I don't-you know I don't-you know I-I, I have enough trouble with my ENGLISH, edoughI'm I'm just... I love you very much, that's all...did he say ehhh something nice or...? What does that mean? Well ehstop PHOTOGRAPHING and translate! Down here. What darling? Eheheh, I'll say! Right! Is that a new song? ANYWAY. Thank you. …..........What darling? ….........OHHHH, SAY!!! I sort of recognize that..language. I love you too. I love you ALL. You know that. … nice. What, darling? MMMM? I'lls-ehMickey? Oheh. Oooorrrh, who is it? Is that Cockn'y? Well, we're going to sing another song that I love. Ehhhright? You'll like it. I promise you. It's a nice song. I dedicate this to my husband. Whom I'm MAAADLY inlovewith.

Uhuhuh. That's a tempo for Over The Rainbow. The way you applaud. ErrrwwsiI think we should Copenhagen with this same AUDIENCE...for the next NINE years. You are are adelight. Now, what is it dear. Why don't we ask the audience if they... well... alriiiight. Alright. Right. which si-nnhmmChicago... or San Francisco? ….SWANEEEE?! Well ehh we always get through Over The Rainbow, you know we have to do that, but that's the end of the act. What dear? Well, we'll sing them all. I'd like to! Why don't we? You have to sing HALF of themthough. Let's try... uh.. DETROIT. No. Why don't we try why don't we try Copenhagen? Alright, let's do Chi-yes. EHHHHEGGHHHM UHHHMUM. My DEAR.

I MUST sit down. Really. With these FEATHERS and HIGH HEELS. Well, it would look splendid. Shall we...HIT... And this is to you. Because I'm dedicated to you. Thank you for coming.

I feel as though I must say this, for anyone who simply wanders onto this blog. Lara & I mean NO disrespect whatsoever with our JudySpeak posts. In fact, we pretty much speak in this exact same manner. So... there... I said it.

P.S. This is Lara barging in to put her 2 cents in. We DEFINITELY DO talk like this. All the time. Also, we consider transcribing Judyspeak to be honoring Judy. Not only do we mean no disrespect, we mean admiration and love. Emily and I are extraordinarily devoted fans, and anything we say or do here is out of sheer affection.

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