Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Well maybe Rose won't have to go to college! I mea..things are happening!"

It's official: Michael Jackson has invaded the universe, Captain EO style. At the moment, Liza (as I am told by Emily, since I don't yet have cable television in my apartment) is on Larry King Live talking about MJ at 6:00 in the morning, Paris time. Whenever Liza gets up before late afternoon, something's up. Elizabeth Taylor's Twitter (which we both follow, because we're awesome like that) is usually sparse and she makes no more than a few tweets per week. Today, it is overrun with 7 declarations of love for Mistah Jackson, and my mother is doing her usual "He had kind of a tragic life" thing that she always does when important celebrities die.

Poor Farrah Fawcett. Even in death she couldn't get a break.

To keep the rain off our parade here at Screen Mavens (and believe me, here at Screen Mavens there's always a parade), a distraction is in order. That distraction comes in the form of a one Miss Tallulah Bankhead, who easily could have taken over the universe herself with her codeine and bourbon, not to mention her fabulosity and smoking too much. We want to be her.

Enjoy, you lovely things you, this episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, which Emily and I can recite backwards and forwards.

Night, dolls.


  1. As I said to Emily, I try not to get involved with anything to do with Larry King. Ann Miller and Cyd Charisse could come back from the dead and announce their new toruing act on his show, and I'd still change the channel.

  2. Yeah he's a strange man. I don't blame Liza for being pissy, all this prescription drug talk, plus if she's anything like Mama she doesn't wake before 1 in the afternoon, so she was probably grumpy as all hell to begin with.